Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teachers' Valentine's Treat Boxes

I needed to make 8 treat boxes for my son's teachers for his Valentine Party at school.  It just so happened that Robyn, My Pink Stamper, issued a challenge.  Her challenge was to use the color black along with your favorite color.  I had to be creative due to the lack of use in my injured hand.  My favorite color is pink so I started thinking Valentines!

My original idea was to make a BIG treat box and pack it full.  Since I didn't have much time and was handicapped I toned it down.  I found these little Chinese takeout boxes on clearance in the bridal section of Hobby Lobby last year.  I stuffed them with Hershey Kisses and Snickers.  I think glued a box of Sweathearts to the bottom.  Then I started thinking black and pink:

I need to tie the Sweathearts to the takeout boxes to insure that they stayed.  So, I took pink and black ribbon to tie a bow at the top.  I then punched out a lot of little hearts:

I took My Pink Stamper Love-alicious stampset and added the sentiment.  I then glued the heart to the top of the box.

I hope they love them because I think they turned out super cute!


  1. Love the ribbon! It really makes the project :) I am a teacher and would love to find a project like this on my desk :)

  2. These treat boxes are so beautiful I'm sure those teachers will be very thrilled.
    I have a drawing, that ends February 19th. Click on the Starbucks cup the rules are on that link.

  3. Very nice, the pink and black looks awesome!!! TFS, your new follower Cathryn67 <3