Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Card

I needed a birthday card for one of my son's friends.  They are in Karate together.  I kept thinking of the dragon patch on his "ghee" (karate uniform).  This boy is a few belts above my son, and he looks up to him like a big brother.  If it wasn't for this boy, my son wouldn't be as good and advanced as he is now.

Enough bragging, onto the card...

I found this dragon on the Pagoda cartridge.  I cut it at 4".  They LOVED the card.  Since the party was held at the Karate studio, then the theme fit.  =)

Last bragging moment...

Here's a picture of my son from the party.  He was the littlest on there (he's 4) and he successfully performed a running side kick into the hanging bag.  He was so proud of himself and so was the instructor.  He finally earned a spot on the "bragging wall" at the studio with this picture.  Proud Mommy, here! =)


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