Monday, April 4, 2011

Personal Birthday Post

As I mentioned below, today is my son's 4th birthday.  It amazes me that it has been that long since we were blessed with his birth.  My husband and I struggled for a few years to even be able to carry a pregnancy to term.  After several heartaches and tears, our beautiful son arrived!

For his 4th birthday party we had a Monster Jam party! (same as his 3rd) My son LOVES Monster Jam.  I've lost count of how many trucks he owns, I know it is in the hundreds!  I have a wonderful baker who did a donut competition monster truck cake this year along with a dozen cupcakes.  She's amazing!

Now here is the Birthday Boy with one of his BIG presents!  His very own helmet and goggles!  He was so excited!

This goes along with his present he received later.  His very own 4-wheeler.  My family is a racing family so my son had no choice but to be ALL boy and get roped into the racing world!

Thanks for letting a very proud mommy share her son's BIG Birthday! =)  Now, I'll return to crafting!


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